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RUSH 137cm


Freestyle, Big Air

The RUSH is responsive, precise, and robust – our stiff freestyle board. Terrific edge control and grip enable a smooth, powerful riding style allowing you to focus on your next takeoff. Achieve your maximum jump height and break your personal records. This is the one for riders who do not want to compromise.

‘Ready to Ride’ package consists of:

1x RUSH Kiteboard
1x SQUAD Pad-Strap-Set (incl. screws + washers)
4x SQUAD Fin G10 40mm (incl. screws + washers)
1x SQUAD Grab Handle (incl. screws)
1x SQUAD Accessory Bag
1x RUSH Manual

SQUAD Board Accessories

The SQUAD is our premium kiteboard binding and builds on a solid base plate. It transfers your input reliably to the board and offers a variety of adjustment options to perfectly match your foot. Decide on magnificent support combined with comfortable shock absorption, slide over the water so relaxed that even Jesus becomes jealous!

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137 (Complete), 140cm (Complete)

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